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Challenge Yourself - Hyacinth '16

My name is Hyacinth and I am currently a sophomore at Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School. I spent most of my life attending public school, so when I transferred to St. Gregory’s Catholic School in seventh grade, I was unfamiliar with my own religion. As I graduated from middle school and moved on to Catholic High, I grew in my faith and became closer to God. Bishop Sullivan Catholic High has challenged my intellect, shaped my character, and created memories that I hold true to my heart.

Some of the courses that Catholic High offers are challenging to me. The hardest class freshmen year was algebra II and for this year, ap chemistry. By taking classes that are just a little bit above my limit, I have learned that getting good grades doesn’t always come by as easy as the rest of my courses. Sometimes, I have to dedicate myself and put the time and effort if I want to earn the grade that I like.

Attending this high school has also shaped my character in so many ways.  One of the community services that I participated in was the Horizons program held during the summer. In the program, a handful of Catholic High students give up a part of their summer to help the kids from Portsmouth Christian who don’t have as good of an education as we do. Spending eight hours a day everyday for an entire week helping the students at Portsmouth Christian has changed my way of thinking. We must use the gifts and talents that we have been blessed with to help others in need. Instead of being self-centered, we must learn to center ourselves around others.

Being a part of this school community has felt like family to me. Because we are a small community, we have a better opportunity to grow closer together. One of my favorite memories, for example, was Freshmen Retreat. At the beginning of the school year, the entire freshmen body gathered as one at the theater. We were separated into different groups and with our peer leaders, participated in various activities that helped us learn more about each other.

I’ve attended Bishop Sullivan Catholic High for less than two years and already it has made a significant difference in my life. Choosing to go to Catholic High was one of the most important decisions that I have made. The virtues that I’ve been taught, the challenges that I have faced, and the memories that I have been given will stay with me long after I graduate here in 2016.

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