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Catholic High School

Administrators, Faculty & Staff

Walk into any classroom or any office at Catholic High School and one can see the ethos of the school played out through the daily interactions of those in the school community.  All staff, from our principal and administrators, to our support staff and teachers are dedicated to upholding and modeling the values of the school.  Lessons are learned not just in the classroom, but everywhere on campus.  Daily expressions of respect for self and others, caring, and empathy by and among teachers, staff and students are the outward signs of life-lessons that don't need a classroom.


Our Faculty - Qualified and Caring Educators

The faculty members of Catholic High School bring a wealth of knowledge and skill that enriches the school community. Among them are teachers who have master’s degrees in fields from educational leadership to chemistry, from pastoral ministry to library science, and from exercise science to English as a second language.  Most have traveled widely and all have broad experience. Many of our teachers have dedicated years of service to our school, resulting in a stable learning environment and a real sense of family and community. Above all, they are committed to excellence in education -- and to their students.

Our teachers do not simply provide superior instruction; they lead, inspire, and excite. They have been chosen for their expertise in their academic area, but also because of their passion for the job and their ability to relate to students in a caring, supportive manner - they choose to teach here because of their love of learning and love for our students. Our teachers are available and welcome the opportunity to help students. They pride themselves in keeping in touch with parents and are adept at using a variety of channels of communication.  Our teaching approach ensures that we know each student’s interests and abilities.  Students flourish here and leave prepared for college and life, and our teachers celebrate their success.