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Our Community
Under the guidance of the Theology Department and with the cooperation and contribution of the entire school community, Catholic High School celebrates its Catholic Identity in every aspect of campus life.
In the classroom, our certified, knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate Theology faculty educate our students in the principles of the faith, drawing from two fonts of Divine Revelation, Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition.  Our curriculum adheres to the USCCB's framework for catechesis in Catholic schools, and builds a solid foundation for the students' ongoing faith journey.
In our retreat program, students experience the love of Christ in personal and communal encounters uniquely tailored to the spiritual needs of each year of high school.  Selected peer leaders plan, coordinate, and carry out our transformational retreats, which are frequently cited as students' and alumni's most treasured experiences of their time at CHS.  Through the peer leadership program, students are offered the opportunity to grow as servant leaders, helping to create and sustain communities of faith both here and beyond.
In our En Christe service learning program, students are invited to encounter the needs of the wider community, as we live out the Church's mission to be Christ's hands and feet in the world.  Inspired by Christ's teaching in Matthew 25, our students not only come into direct contact with those in need, offering themselves as servants for the sake of others, but they also reflect on their work through journaling, projects, and lessons which contextualize service within the vocational call of the Christian faith.
Finally, and most importantly, through our communal celebration of the sacraments, and most particularly the celebration of the Holy Mass, our students are fortified by and focused on the heart and summit of our Catholic faith, Christ's nourishing and real presence in the Eucharist.  

Since 1950, Catholic High School has been honored to have helped form great women and men of faith in the Hampton Roads community.  We continue to live our Catholic identity daily in our classrooms, our retreats, our service, and our communal celebrations of the sacraments as we help to shape the next generations of Christ's leaders in our community.

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