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Principal Peggy Boon

         Peggy Boon, Principal

Choosing a school for your son or daughter is a big decision, with a variety of factors to consider. Many aspects of CHS set it apart from other schools. Faculty and staff of CHS cultivate a rigorous academic program and a strong, Catholic community, both of which are integral to the history, tradition, and future of the school. The school welcomes people of all faith and walks of life!

Catholic: Students take four years of theology, deepening their understanding of the Catholic faith while forming morals and ethics that will guide their actions for a lifetime. A valued based education, rich in service opportunities and retreats, provides students with faith-based solutions to modern-day issues.  

Academics: Dedicated faculty and staff challenge students with a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for their higher education goals. Courses in STEAM, the humanities, health/wellness, and World Languages offer a variety of choices for students.   

Athletics: A member of the Tidewater Conference of Independent Schools, CHS features 39 athletic teams participating in 24 different sports at the varsity and junior varsity levels. Over 75% of our students participate in athletics. Several members of the faculty are both teachers and coaches. The relationship between teachers/coaches and students provides a platform to motivate, guide, and encourage the student to live up to his/her full potential.

Environment: A pro-active, close-knit community of adults and students provides a school setting where kids are known and cared for. Small classes allow for personal attention where teachers partner with parents to provide a stable and enriching environment which fosters learning, citizenship, and global awareness. 

College Counseling: Two dedicated school and college counselors guide students and parents through the college process. Beginning freshmen year, students develop a strong transcript, inventory their strengths and academic interests, and explore higher education options. Our counselors provide individualized collaboration with students and their families, from the last year of middle school through high school graduation and college matriculation.