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Academic Resource

What is Academic Resource?

  • An enthusiastic  team of teachers who specialize in assisting students with disabilities (mild learning disabilities, ADHD, and ADD)

  • An open, caring academic resource center aiming to increase abilities, particularly by building up organizational study skills, turning them into habits, instructing students in note taking, binder organizing, task analyzing, goal setting, and test strategies. We provide a small group setting for tests, creating and instructing students in the use of study guides, graphic organizers, and other detailed comprehension aids.

We  use the students’ strengths to empower them to win academically!

How do Students Qualify?

Step One: Parents, teachers, or guidance counselors can refer a student to Mrs. Julie Gray in person in room 211, by email at, or by phone at 757-467-2881, extension 1032.

Step Two:  We will send an application for the program.  With the application, you must provide evidence of a documented disability. Evidence is usually a  complete psycho-educational evaluation  within three years or a doctor’s proof and report of a disability.

We also assist with applying for College Board accommodations on tests once the student is in our program using these accommodations for at least three months.

Step Three: If accepted, you, your parents and I  will create a Learning Plan of Action that will encompass all things academic, including testing, organization, study skills, and general assistance in class. We will then set up times for you to see us daily or weekly. It’s important that you attend on a regular basis to maintain your academic fitness!

Can you assist a student who is temporarily disabled?

See us with documentation from the student's doctor if they have a temporary disability like a broken arm, concussion, migraines, or depression due to a crisis. We will be glad to help and make a Temporary Learning Plan of Action to help them get through the event.

Academic Resource Faculty

Julie Gray

Julie Gray

Titles: Academic Resource Coordinator

What Parents Say

"I am forever grateful for the team's guidance during my son's high school years. Their continuous monitoring, constructive feedback, and encouragement helped him overcome his academic challenges. They went above and beyond to understand his needs, address any learning gaps, and equip him with the necessary tools for future success."                                   -Parent of a 2023 Graduate

“Our daughter was always hesitant to get 'help' in the past because of the stigma she felt, but Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Smith made her feel confident in her abilities.  The Academic Resource room really empowered my daughter to feel capable and equal to everyone despite her disability. ”
-Parent of a 2023 Graduate