Honor Code

A Culture of Trust

The purpose of the Honor Code at Bishop Sullivan CHS is to encourage and support a culture of trust and integrity within our educational community.
The most important feature of our program is that it was created by and for our students.  Members of the Bishop Sullivan CHS student body played an integral role in developing the written code, making decisions about the activities to which it applies, the enforcement of the Code and penalties for infractions.  A student-elected Honor Council hears all cases of students charged with violating the Honor Code and recommends appropriate penalties.

The Pledge

“On my honor, I will not lie, cheat, or steal, nor give or receive unauthorized assistance on any work. I will expect the same of my peers.”


“As a Catholic community which reveals God’s presence in the world through our affirmation of the gospel and which is guided by the spirit of truth, we strive for honor in all our endeavors. Honor is living a life of virtuous character that remains loyal to faith-based ideals and promotes respect, integrity, and trust which in turn leads to a responsible community.”  From the BSCHS Student Handbook


Bishop Sullivan CHS is a member organization of the International Center for Academic Integrity.

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