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United States Naval Academy Virtual "College Visit" 2020-2021

U.S. Naval Academy Operation Information (OPINFO) - a virtual outreach program that will have Midshipmen out into virtual space to discuss and share their experiences at the Naval Academy and, ultimately, establish connections with students interested in learning more about life at a service academy. 

The U.S. Naval Academy has selected nearly 100 Midshipmen serving in 5 Squads each targeting a different region of the country.

These squads will run a program on their Facebook group for 6 weeks starting on October 12, 2020 through        November 20, 2020.  


OPINFO Schedule:

Week 1: Introductions/ A Day in the Life

Week 2: Academics 

Week 3: Athletics

Week 4: Extracurricular Fun

Week 5: Service Opportunities

Week 6: Alumni Week


Questions may be directed to

First page of the PDF file: VirtualUSNAAdmissionsOperationInformationOutreach_1



"What has impressed us the most about the CHS guidance program is the personalized nature of the program. With both of our girls, guidance has been there for them every step of the way, not just for class schedule issues or college prep issues, but for anything the student needs...It’s that personal, caring attitude that makes the CHS guidance program special and we are grateful beyond measure."                     - CHS Parent