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International Students

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Catholic High School offers an exceptional, college-preparatory education for international students who are focused on attending top universities in the United States.  We offer 33 advanced placement and honors classes, 30+ sports teams, 10 honor societies, and 28 clubs. The Crusader community welcomes new cultures and celebrates them.  International students interested in applying should contact our partner international education agencies. 

Nacel Open Door –
Contact:  Christine Parker -

New Oasis International Education-
Contact:  Stephanie Spar -

International Experience –
Contact:  Cheryl Strike - 

American Home Life International (AHLI) 
Contact:  Lorelei Kay -

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Catholic High School International students are:

* motivated for success
* academically strong
* proficient in English
* respectful of others
* willing to immerse themselves in a new culture
* compliant with the student code of conduct
* willing to attend Mass respectfully and take Theology each year

CHS International Student Advisors

CHS offers a student support program to help international students have a smooth transition to our school community.  Student advisors will:

  • provide peer support to international students.
  • help students adjust to our school community.
  • acquaint students with clubs, sports and other activities available at school.
  • create lifelong friendships.

Host Families

Catholic High School partners with four international agencies to create a diverse school community. We have hosted students from Belgium, Brazil, China, Finland, France, Ghana, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, and Vietnam.  We believe the sharing of cultures educates the entire community. We encourage families to get involved and become a host family to an international student. As a host family, you will see your world with a new perspective, learn a new culture, and expand your family…you can make a difference!  Our partner agencies are always looking for host families to offer a safe and supportive home for our international students. Students speak English, have health insurance, and personal spending money. Host families provide transportation, room and board, and receive a hosting stipend. Please consider opening your heart and your home! 

Please contact Eileen Monacchio, Admissions Coordinator, at or one of our partner agencies for more information:

Nacel Open Door  Maxine Williams -

New Oasis International Education:  Cindy Brooks -

International Experience:  Cheryl Strike -

American Home Life International (AHLI):  Chad Eeney -

Catholic High School host families:

  • welcome host students to actively participate in the family.
  • share cultural experiences and learn about a new culture.
  • get involved in the international student’s school life.
  • provide a safe and supportive home.
  • provide transportation to and from school.

Benefits of being a host family:

  • build lifelong friendships
  • learn a new culture
  • gain a new perspective of your world
  • make a difference
Sissi Zheng is headed to Syracuse University.

Yuxi "Sissi" Z. '19

Sissi Z. Interview

Sissi Z. is from Bejing, China and began her Catholic High School career as a sophomore.  She participated in many activities including Chorus, Cooking Club, Self-Defense Club, and the International Cultural Club, where she served as President.  She was an exemplary student and was a member of the National Honor Society.

Favorite Memory at CHS?
My favorite memory is performing on stage as a chorus member, especially singing a solo part in my last spring concert.  

Favorite class or teacher and why?
Drivers Ed was my favorite class and Mrs. Green was my favorite teacher.  Mrs. Green taught Drivers Ed for many years. She shared all her experiences and she always had a smile for everyone.  There were different kinds of candy on her desk and we could eat them at any time.

Where are you going to college?
I will attend Syracuse University to study Management. 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I can't tell right now but I am sure I will not regret any decision that I make, and I will appreciate all the things that will happen. 

Words of advice to future international students attending CHS?
Don't be shy to ask teachers any academic questions and voice your opinions to everyone.  Do not be afraid of making grammar and vocabulary mistakes because everyone is willing to help you. 

Why are you proud to be a Crusader?
Catholic High School was my first school in the U.S.  When I was lonely, school always comforted me because I could talk with teachers and friends.  I was glad that I fit in this new environment so quickly. I am proud of my alma mater and I am proud to be a Crusader!