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Tuition, Financial Aid & Scholarship Opportunity

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In 2021-2022, Catholic High School awarded over $1,000,000 in scholarships and financial aid.  We know that every family's financial situation is unique, and we consider every application carefully.

Although it is impossible to meet all the needs of every family, it is our goal that no family be denied an excellent Catholic education due to financial restrictions.

Through the generosity of donors in our Catholic community, 40 scholarships have been created for the benefit of students attending Catholic High School. Scholarships are awarded based on several evaluation criteria: academic achievement, financial need and an applicant essay.  A single application will allow students to be considered for all scholarships. With the exception of the St. Michael Scholars (see below), all applicants must re-apply for scholarship consideration annually.

2022-2023 CHS Scholarship Application

St. Michael Scholars:

The St. Michael Scholars Award is presented to the top-ranked student of the 8th Grade class at each of the eight local Catholic elementary schools, provided the student attends Catholic High School. It is a $5,000 non-transferrable, renewable, four-year scholarship, requiring the recipient to maintain honor roll grades and solid citizenship.