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Who is Our CRU?

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Our CRU includes students from all walks of life. We love having a diverse and varied student population that encourages respect, open-mindedness and new friendships! Everyone is welcome here...students from our eight Catholic elementary schools, local public and private schools and homeschools, as well as students transferring to our area from all over the United States and the world. YOU could be part of our CRU…check us out!

Catholic Partner Schools and Families

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We treasure our relationships with our eight Catholic elementary partner schools in the Hampton Roads area. Together we make up a strong Catholic learning community that share values of education, faith, service and excellence in all that we do.

Our future Crusaders are often found on our athletic fields, attending our weekly Mass, in our theater productions or marching in our Homecoming parade! Choosing Catholic High School is the next step in furthering your commitment to Catholic education. Your financial sacrifice is much admired and will be rewarded when your students graduate as confident, faith-filled young adults ready for college and beyond. It is worth the sacrifice!

We welcome you and know you will be wonderful additions to our community, coming to us well-prepared and ready to get involved.

Hampton Roads Catholic Elementary Schools

Saint Gregory the Great School 

Star of the Sea School

Saint Matthew School

Saint John the Apostle School 

Saint Pius X School 

Saint Patrick School 

Christ the King School  

Portsmouth Catholic Regional School

Military Families

Our military student advisors are here to help.

The military community is heavily represented at Catholic High School.  A large part of our student body hails from military families. We are especially fortunate that over half of our faculty and staff are associated with the armed forces as veterans, reserve personnel, retired military or military spouses.  Their unique perspective and vast experiences open the world to our students.

Our military families add diversity, flexibility and warmth to our community. We regularly welcome new families throughout the year and strive to help these students assimilate to their new home. In an effort to make transitions easier for our military families, a special group of student volunteers, our Military Student Advisors, are available to help answer questions, walk through schedules and introduce students to life as a Crusader. 

We are grateful for all our military families do for us and the sacrifices they make to keep us safe and free.  We would be honored if you would consider us your choice for excellence in education. You will find a home at Catholic High School!

Non-Catholic Families

You are an important part of our community and all are welcome here!

We know you will find Catholic High School a warm and friendly environment.  Approximately 25% of our student population is non-Catholic, representing many different faiths. All of our students participate in our theology classes, retreats, and weekly Masses while attending CHS.  In addition, involvement in community service activities and social justice awareness play important roles in living our mission. Catholic High School provides students many opportunities to strengthen their faith lives.

Your students will graduate from Catholic High School ready to impact the world with Christ-centered values, critical-thinking skills and the ability to form lasting personal and professional relationships.

It’s worth the investment in their future!

Transfer Students

We have a long history of students transferring to Catholic High School for their sophomore, junior and senior years. Transfer students will abide by all admissions standards and procedures found on our Admissions Process page.  Senior transfer applications may have a slightly longer processing time to ensure graduation requirements can be met.

Reasons to transfer?

Academic Rigor
Smaller Class Sizes
Opportunities to Participate in Athletics
College Counseling

Our Faith Life
Leadership Opportunities


Our transfer students strengthen our student body! They share their experiences and ideas and enrich our community. It’s never too late to become a CRUSADER...jump in and get involved. We want you to be part of our CRU!

International Students

Catholic High School offers an exceptional, college-preparatory education for international students who are focused on attending top universities in the United States.  We offer 33 advanced placement and honors classes, 30+ sports teams, 10 honor societies and 28 clubs. The Crusader community welcomes new cultures and celebrates them.  International students interested in applying should contact our partner international education agencies. 

Learn more about the CHS International Student program or becoming a host family.

Segura Educational Initiative for Children (Iniciativa Educacional Segura para Niños)

La misión de Iniciativa Educacional Segura para Niños es la de proveer acceso a una educación católica cualificada para todos los niños latinos en la diócesis de Richmond.

La Iniciativa Segura para Niños fue iniciada por nuestro Obispo DiLorenzo en el 2010. Su propósito es el de incrementar el enrolamiento de estudiantes hispanos en las escuelas católicas de la diócesis de Richmond, dándoles la asistencia financiera para cubrir el costo de la pensión escolar a aquellas familias que han demostrado necesidad. Esta iniciativa también está comprometida a proveer desarrollo profesional a las comunidades de las escuelas católicas de la diócesis, para asegurar que ellas puedan proporcionar un ambiente adecuado, bilingüe y centrado en Cristo a todos sus estudiantes.

¿Tienes hijos que podrían beneficiarse de este programa?

Asistencia financiera: Mediante una participación activa de la comunidad en recaudar fondos para este programa, podemos proveer de asistencia financiera para el pago de la pensión escolar para aquellas familias que han demostrado necesidad, y que deseen que sus hijos estudien en una de nuestras 29 escuelasde la diócesis de Richmond. Las familias tienen que demostrar su necesidad económica, aplicando y llenandola solicitud de ayuda financiera a través de FACTS. Si usted requiere ayuda en este proceso por favor contacte al Cristina Medrano al 757-467-2679.

Obtenga más información sobre la Iniciativa Educacional Segura para Niños

The mission of the Segura Educational Initiative for Children is to provide access to quality Catholic school education for all Latino children in the Diocese of Richmond.

The Segura Initiative for Children was begun by Bishop DiLorenzo in 2010. Its purpose is to increase enrollment of Latino students in Catholic schools of the Diocese of Richmond by providing tuition assistance to Hispanic families who have demonstrated financial need. In addition, this Initiative is committed to providing professional development for Catholic school communities of the Diocese to ensure that they provide innovative instructional programs that foster a comfortable, bi-lingual, Christ-centered environment for all students.

Are You a Family Seeking Assistance?

Tuition Assistance: Through active community fundraising, tuition assistance will be provided for those families in need who seek admission to one of our 29 schools in the Diocese of Richmond. Families must show demonstrated need by submitting applications for Financial Aid through FACTS. If you need help with this process contact Cristina Medrano at 757-467-2679.

Find out more about the Segura Educational Initiative.