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Catholic High School

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Why Choose CHS?

Students getting ready for commencement 2019

New and Interested Families: Find out more about us or just say hello!

COFFEE with the CRU (adults)                  CRU CHAT (students)
Wednesday, April 29 4pm                         Thursdays starting April 30th
Wednesday, May 6 7pm                            Freshman 2pm
Wednesday, May 13   9am                        Transfers 4pm
Wednesday, May  20  4pm

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Welcome...We are excited that you are interested in finding out more about us! As the only Catholic high school on the southside of Hampton Roads, we take our responsibility to educate young minds seriously.

We are called to partner with parents to guide students to become inquisitive learners, good citizens and confident adults. Caring and dedicated faculty and staff help develop strong academic foundations, empower students to advocate for themselves and others, cultivate confidence through leadership opportunities and live our faith by example with kindness and generosity.

Crusaders are encouraged to get involved and there are so many a sport...volunteer to serve...join a club...lead the school as part of student government...perform in a theater production, band or chorus and so much more!

Visit our campus, take a tour and see Crusader life in action.  This is a special place and it could be your new home!

Catholic High School is the place to be yourself… be part of a community…be a CRUSADER!

Mrs. Mary Beth Dober

Mrs. Mary Beth Dober

Admissions Coordinator
Mrs. Christina Medrano

Mrs. Christina Medrano

Hispanic Representative
Mrs. Eileen Monacchio

Mrs. Eileen Monacchio

Admissions Coordinator