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Catholic High School

Service Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria

Crusaders Acting for Others

Nomination Criteria:


  • Must be a graduate of Norfolk Catholic High School/ Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School/ Catholic High School.
  • Must have graduated at least five (5) years prior to nomination.
  • Must have good standing within the community.
  • Volunteer activities/leadership (apart from paid employment or required volunteer service for school or other organization) that impacts a person(s) or organization locally, nationally or worldwide.

Nomination would include (using the electronic nomination form on the school website):

  • Nomination Statement: Brief description of service work (Self or 3rd Party).
  • Specific data on cause(s), scope of volunteer work, time commitment, quantifiable impact, awards if any.
  • Photo or video of Candidate "in action" during volunteer work can be emailed to or uploaded on nomination form.
  • Two References (as applicable). References can email with a short blurb about why they recommend the nominee.   

Selection Committee:

  • Made up of a group including members of alumni, administration, faculty, staff and/or board members.
  • Committee will review nominees and vote.
  • Committee member may not be a nominee, nominator or related to the nominee.
  • Can be amended.