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Crusaders Acting for Others

Service has long been a component of Catholic education.   By committing ourselves to others, our students learn compassion, responsibility and civic duty to worthwhile causes and to one another.  Through service, our students also create community and strengthen our relationships in the area.  Our current volunteer program, En Christe, continues the opportunity for our students to be “with Christ” and act “as Christ” for others.

We are proud of the opportunities our students took advantage of during their high school years and are even prouder that so many of our alumni continue to participate in active service.  It is a testament to the program and to the students that we educate.

To honor Crusaders who dedicate themselves to active service in hopes to affect change, Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School has created the En Christe Service Award and the Crusader Alumni Service Hall of Fame.  This award and hall of fame recognizes Crusader alumni who have dedicated a substantial amount of their time and talents to the betterment of others. Their service has made a particular impact to help an organization reach its mission. 

Hall Inductees

2013 Inductees
W. Lewis Witt (1960) Michele Marasco Rogers (1986)
2017 Inductee
Kenneth P. Balbuena (1998)

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