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Barry Robinson Theater

Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Art Center at night

Statement of Purpose

The mission of the Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center is to provide the community at large a shared venue for Performing and Visual Arts.

View of the stage of the Barry Robinson Theater at Catholic High School

The Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Arts Center is an independent, organized, and permanently established non-profit education/arts institution in Virginia, with open participation. Our mission is essentially educational and aesthetic in purpose, and we are administered by both a professional staff and volunteers. Our center is a legally constituted autonomous body with written responsibilities and purposes. Catholic High School has been an active and participating member of the South Hampton Roads Community for over fifty years.


The BRTFAC aim is to bring the highest level of Arts programming to our community and education is our first priority. Our programs entail all of the visual and performing arts. Currently we offer a community art education program for adults in addition to a college preparatory visual and performing arts program for high school students. We also offer both theater and arts programs for children.

Tax Exempt

Under the auspices of Catholic High School we have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Develops and Presents Regularly to the Public 

The Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Art Center and the Hunter Hogan Gallery is a non-discriminatory public facility that actively solicits participation and admission community-wide, regardless of race, creed, sex, age, religion, or disability.

Administered by professional staff and by volunteers:

Trey Clarkson, Director/Instructor, BA Drama/English (FT)
Teresa Browndorf, Instructor, MA Music (PT)
Maggie Hudson, Instructor, BFA Studio Arts (FT)
Leslie Fenter, Instructor, BM Vocal Performance (PT)

(FT: Full time; PT: Part Time)