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Catholic High School

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CHS Theatre Company

Barry Robinson Theater and Fine Art Center at night
CHS Theater Company production of Seussical - The Musical

The CHS Theatre Company holds open auditions and produces multiple productions throughout the year for CHS students. Variations in styles of comedies and tragedies, musicals and straight plays, adaptations and classics, and full length and one-acts are on display each year to immerse the students in a variety of performances. All technical aspects of the production, from lights and sound to stage management and make-up, are student-run with adult supervision and training. Former musical productions have ranged from Disney’s “Little Mermaid Jr” to “Godspell” to "Seussical the Musical" while classic productions have staged shows like "Antigone", "Leaving Iowa", and "The Pearl"

Each year, the CHS Theatre Company takes their fall play on the road when they attend the Virginia Theatre Association’s High School Theater Festival. The Company is committed to excellence in every aspect of their performance and their motto is “we don’t do high school theatre; we do theatre in high school.”