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Athlete Training and Health

Catholic High School is committed to protecting their athletes at all times. To that end we have instituted programs that both help prepare student athletes for the rigors of competition and insure their safety while on the field/court.

CHS Strength and Conditioning

Catholic High School Sports Performance Program


In an effort to boost our sports programs success Catholic High School will be starting a sports performance program in the post-class time in the weight room with Coach Tillman. This will involve weight lifting to improve strength, cardio conditioning to improve endurance, and various mobility exercises to improve both flexibility and agility. Both male and female athletes/teams are welcome to join the program.

All athletes will go through the preliminary tier tests to see what level of training they should begin on. The tiers begin at 0 or “Foundation”, which are athletes that do not pass all of the base movement tests and need to improve their strength and flexibility in those key areas before moving up the tier system to barbell movements as to prevent injuries. The exercise program will focus on the 10 base movements from the testing and will focus heavily on technique and mastering those movements. Athletes may retest every two weeks to move into the next tier. The tier 1 grouping, or “Bricks”, means that an athlete as passes all of the base movement tests and will be able to add on to heavier barbell movements such as squat, bench, deadlift, and other movements where a barbell is required. These athletes will be tested on barbell movements and have personal workout programs based on their max weight capacity in the 3 major barbell movements. After showing consistency and improvement in the tier 1 program athletes will then be taught the clean progression and other more explosive Olympic movements. Once an athlete shows that they are capable of doing Olympic movements they will move to tier 2, or “Iron Crusaders” and will have those movements added to their program on a regular basis. More information on the preliminary tests and tier program can be found in the rest of this email.

Offseason (3:30-4:45, Monday-Friday):

The offseason lift program will involve athletes who are not currently in a sport for the active season. Per example; if you do not play a winter sport and you want to prepare yourself for a spring sport during the winter then you are welcome to sign up for this time frame. Athletes will be expected to dress appropriately (Work out shoes, athletics clothing, etc.). Given our weight room size our initial capacity for the offseason program will be 30 participants. Priority will be given to students who participate in 1 or more sports.  If we see there is room to add more athletes we will try to accommodate as much as possible. There will be a sign in sheet and participation is mandatory to maintain your spot in the program. If there are 3 or more unexcused absences then your spot will be vacated for another person to fill.

The offseason lift group will be broken into multi-tier groupings as mentioned in the intro section. The offseason group will lift Monday to Friday from 3:30-4:45 in the afternoon. Each day will start with a warmup and end with stretching. Monday-Tuesday will be traditional weight room days where we will focus on strength. Wednesday, will be a speed and agility day where we will go outside and focus on running form, agility drills, and cardio conditioning. Thursday will be another traditional lift day. Friday is a day to make up a lift missed during the week, retest to move up a tier level, add an additional lift to the weekly cycle, or to have a light movement and stretch day if needed.

In-Season (4:45 – TBD):

In-season sports will have time slots post offseason workouts. This is to give teams a chance to get their own practice in before coming into the weight room as some teams, such as basketball, may have to share a playing surface. If you have a small roster team then you might be doubled up with another team. Per example; varsity baseball may have to split time with girls’ varsity soccer. Time slots for in-season team sports can be filled on the google calendar on a first come, first serve basis.

The tier system, as stated before, will still be in effect with all in season athletes. Many of teams will find a mixture of both “Foundation and Brick” lifters which is perfectly fine. We do ask that if you have a large group of athletes coming in during this time that they be accompanied by a coach to help monitor.

All intensity of lifts will be based upon the team’s game schedule. For example; if basketball has three days of rest before their next game the intensity of the lift will be high. However, if basketball has a game the next day, then their “lift” will consist of warming up with bodyweight movements and a stretch period.

Concussion Management Policy

Catholic High School is committed to protecting their athletes at all times.  With concussions becoming such a high profile injury across all levels of athletic play, we have adopted a Concussion Management Plan that will be strictly enforced and managed by the Athletic Director and Sports Medicine Personnel employed by CHS.  The school has included the following statement into the student handbook:

“With concussion and head injuries becoming so prominent in high school sports, Catholic High School has adopted a program to do everything possible to aid in the education, prevention and care of our athletes.  As part of our athletic physical process, every athlete is required to take an “ImPact” concussion test to set a baseline score.  Also, each student-athlete and the student-athlete’s parent or guardian will review, on an annual basis, information discussing short and long term health effects of concussions.  In addition, each student-athlete and the student-athlete’s parent or guardian will sign a statement acknowledging receipt of such information."

Trainer Injury Assessment

Concussions are a very serious medical issue and are treated as such by every coach.  Our trainer will be available at all times to assess any head injury that occurs during practice or game times.  A detailed process is followed as detailed in the Concussion Management Plan set forth by the school.  This includes contacting the Athletic Trainer any time there is a suspected head injury whether during practice or game time.  The trainer is always available on campus and during away games they can be reached by phone to help coaches determine a course of action.

Bon Secours In Motion

Bon Secours In Motion Sports Medicine is proud of our partnership with Catholic High School to provide Athletic Training services to the Crusader Athletic Department. We are very excited to bring world-class care and service to such an exemplary community and successful athletic culture.

Bon Secours In Motion is Hampton Roads’ premier provider of Physical Therapy, Athletic Training and Sports Performance services. Our staff is led by a world-class team of multi-board certified sports medicine physicians, physical therapists with advanced certifications, multi-faceted sports performance specialists and certified athletic trainers who can provide complete, customized care to meet your every need. We are conveniently located across the Hampton Roads region with 18 total facilities, three of which are in the Virginia Beach area.

Dr. Jocelyn Ricasa

Dr. Ricasa is a board-certified in primary care sports medicine, and received specialized training in concussion management.

Heather Wathen

Heather has a BS in Athletic Training from Ohio State University and recently earned her Master of Science of Athletic Training degree from Old Dominion University. She has previously worked as the athletic trainer for ODU tennis.

The central Bon Secours In Motion hub for CHS will be housed at the Town Center location at 4677 Columbus Street, Suite 201, Virginia Beach, 23462. At this location, CHS students will have access to the following:

  1. Dr. Jocelyn Ricasa, MD (Office is at 828 Healthy Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23462)
    a. Dr. Ricasa is a board-certified physician specializing in Sports Medicine and is also Concussion certified.
  2. Physical Therapy
    a. All of your rehab needs in one convenient location, specializing in orthopaedic, post-operative and sports rehab, with specialties including concussion management, dry needling, vestibular rehab, lymphedema therapy as well as others.
    b. Free injury assessments led by In Motion Rehab Manager, Michael Pishioneri, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS. Please call ahead to reserve your appointment at (757)-463-2540.
  3. Sports Performance, Nutrition, Fitness & Wellness
    a. A multi-faceted team of strength and conditioning specialists, sports certified dietitians and licensed massage therapists bring a scientifically backed holistic approach to training for today’s athletes. b.

We welcome anyone with questions to call our In Motion at Town Center clinic at (757) 463-2540.