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Athletic Hall of Fame

Criteria for Nomination and Membership

The Crusader Sports Hall of Fame recognizes members of the Crusader community for their contribution to Crusader athletics in all its forms – Norfolk Catholic High School in Norfolk, VA and Catholic High School and Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School in Virginia Beach, VA.  Contribution to the athletic department includes, but is not limited to:  participation, coaching, managing, service, etc.  Current and future members of the Crusader Sports Hall of Fame exemplify the values of the school and Crusader athletics.
  1. New Membership
    1. Crusader alumni are eligible for Sports Hall of Fame nomination and membership five years after graduation having participated in at least one (1) Varsity sport.
    2. Those eligible for nomination include – Players, Coaches, Managers, Trainers and other Crusaders deserving of the distinction.
    3. Non Crusader alumni eligible for nomination include – coaches, trainers, and others deserving of the distinction.
  2. Nomination (Online Nomination Form)
    1. Anyone may nominate an athlete following the guidelines under New Membership.
    2. Nomination period will last at least eight (8) weeks.
    3. Nominations will be done via electronic nomination form on the school website.
    4. No one may nominate more than two (2) individuals per year.  Additional nominations will be discarded.
    5. Nominees not selected for induction are eligible for nomination in the following year, but must be resubmitted via the nomination process.
    6. The number of times a Crusader is nominated is not considered by the selection committee.  
  1. Criteria
    1. Criteria used in evaluation may include:  
      1. Distinctions – All-State distinction, All-Conference distinction, or All-Tournament distinction, Season and Tournament championships, Team MVP, other individual accolades and records, etc.
      2. Leadership (on and off the field of play)
      3. Overall contribution (of time and talents) to Crusader athletics at the time and thereafter
      4. Contribution to the community
      5. Positive Representation of the values of Norfolk Catholic High School, Catholic High School and Bishop Sullivan Catholic High School
      6. College Participation
      7. Other
  1. Voting and Voting Committee
    1. Voting committee will consist of the Principal, Athletic Director, and two to five (2-5) members made up from the following groups: Current Hall of Famers, Crusader Athletic Association members, Board members, Alumni, Staff, Former Faculty, Friends of the School, etc.    
    2. Principal will select the voting committee.
    3. Committee will consist of at least one (1) female.
    4. Members of the Voting Committee not employed by the school will serve three to five (3-5) years on the committee.
    5. Committee members will meet to discuss candidates monthly until selection is completed.
    6. Acceptance in the Sports Hall of Fame requires a majority vote.
  1. Induction
    1. We will induct new members to the Sports Hall of Fame at Homecoming.   Hall of Fame inductees will be announced prior to Crusader Homecoming.

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