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Dual Sport Participation

From time to time a student will ask if he/she can compete in two different sports during the same season.  This usually occurs when an athlete playing a team sport also desires to compete in an individual sport.  Perhaps a soccer player wants to compete with the track team on days when he/she does not have a soccer game.  It could be a field hockey player wanting to run cross country when there is no field hockey game.  Regardless of the two sports involved the school has a policy concerning this type of participation and it is as follows:

“If the two coaches agree that an athlete may compete for two different teams during the same season they must meet with the Athletic Director to designate which is the primary and secondary sport.  This means that when a scheduling conflict arises the athlete knows which practice or contest they are obligated to attend.  The parents of the athlete must also be in agreement with the obligation and understand that it cannot be changed without the permission of the Athletic Director.” 
  (Taken from the Catholic High School Coaches Manual)

Additionally, the school administration will take into consideration the student’s academic status before granting permission to compete on two different teams.

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