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Dear CHS Families,

After careful consideration and review, CHS will offer second semester exams to students this school year. Exams are a critical part of the college preparatory curriculum and experience, and students need the practice and opportunity to prepare for and take a summative semester exam. 

In recognition of a slightly different school year, teachers will reduce the length and material covered on the final exam by roughly 25%. Students will still have 2 hours to complete the exam; however, if a student finishes early, he or she may exit the examination room after 1 hour and 15 minutes as opposed to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

In order to ease the exam administration and monitoring process for our teachers, students, and staff, second semester exams will take place in-person. Remote learners are asked to come into the school building for final exams at the scheduled time and report to the Cafeteria or Gymnasium for traditional proctoring with desks separated by 6 feet. We are planning additional time slots for make-up exams in case a student is ill on exam day. We will share more specific information about exam days as we get closer to the exam period. 

Peggy Boon
CHS Principal