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Dear CHS Families,

As I walk through the halls, classrooms, and outdoor campus each day, many students share that they are enjoying their classes and happy to be back in school. What a blessing!  

Maintaining a healthy school environment is dependent on many factors. We are all in this together during the pandemic, and the actions of each individual affect the health of our community. Faculty and staff report that our students are taking the safety protocols seriously and following them consistently. We are reminding students to stay 6 feet apart whenever possible and at least 3 feet apart. Teenagers naturally want to congregate with others, so maintaining appropriate physical distancing requires a conscious effort. Thanks to all of you for partnering with CHS to keep the school community safe and healthy by reinforcing the importance of physical distancing inside and outside of the school building with your children.

Spirit Week takes place next week, providing an opportunity for students to have some fun! The schedule is posted in this edition of the Crusader Connection. Friday, September 25 marks the interim period for the first quarter of the school year. This is a good time to review your child’s grades in each class, noting areas to celebrate and those that require further attention. Students are encouraged to contact their teachers directly when clarification or support is needed.

We strive to create a culture of continuous improvement, seeking ways to improve and strengthen school operations based on feedback and analysis. Our crossing guard presence after school has been inconsistent this school year, contributing to traffic congestion and potential safety issues. We are in the process of addressing this issue, seeking solutions to the problems. Thank you for your patience as we continue to work through the changes and adjustments.

Peggy Boon
CHS Principal