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Peggy Boon

As we enter the holiday season, it is good to pause and reflect on all of the things for which one is thankful. Not only is it good for the soul, but scientific studies reveal that gratitude can have an effect on one’s physical body. A study has linked gratitude and charitable acts with increased physical health, including a lower risk of heart disease. 

Faculty, staff, and students at Catholic High School have many opportunities to participate in charitable acts. The SCA ran a food drive for Church of the Ascension before Thanksgiving which positively impacted local families. An angel tree is up in the Library so that we can collect items for ten local families we are supporting through Catholic Charities. Our students take part in service activities throughout the year, giving their time and resources to many local organizations that seek to help the vulnerable in our area. These are only a few of the ways that CHS gives back to the local community. 

I am grateful to work with so many dedicated, kind-hearted people who give so much to the Catholic High School community. Energy, generosity, and enthusiasm for the school flow easily from them, positively impacting school culture and changing lives. I appreciate the hours that faculty and staff devote to educating, guiding, and supporting our students as they grow and develop into faith-filled, active citizens. Thanks to all of the parents who give their time and talents to the school, ensuring that Catholic High School remains a special place that feels more like a family.

May you enjoy family and friends during the holidays, keeping them close and appreciating the time you have together.