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A Note from the Principal

From the Principal's Office

Dear Parents and Guardians,

This weekend all Catholic churches in the Diocese will have a special collection for the Learn to Lead Campaign that directly benefits Catholic schools. Catholic school students are encouraged to wear their uniforms to Mass this weekend! 

As part of this special collection, parishioners may designate a specific Catholic school to receive a donation, and we hope that you will consider selecting Catholic High School as the recipient. Your donations to CHS are greatly appreciated and make a difference! 

Bishop Knestout invites your participation in the Learn to Lead Capital Campaign that will strengthen the extraordinary ministry of our Catholic schools. Our Catholic Schools shape the lives of more than 7,000 young people– helping them realize their greater purpose – succeeding and serving God, their families, churches, and communities. If you have been blessed by a Catholic education or believe in the importance of its mission, please make a generous gift. To learn more about this campaign or to make a secure online gift now, please visit

Kind regards,
Peggy Boon
CHS Principal

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