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A Note from the Principal

From the Business Office
  • All financial obligations to the school including tuition, SAGE dining accounts, bookstore accounts, class fees, athletic fees, and parent service hours must be paid in full by June 2nd. Please keep in mind that end-of-year processes will be disrupted if all financial obligations are not fulfilled on time.

  • If you are not sure if your account(s) are current or if you have any questions, please reach out to the appropriate person.
    - Tuition, school fees & SAGE – Ms. Miranda Davis,
    - Bookstore & class fees – Mrs. L.J. Schrader,
    - Parent Service Hours - Mrs. Debbie Davis,
    - Library books – Ms. Mackenzie Anderson,
    - Athletics – Ms. Kelly Barney,

  • SAGE Dining: Please make sure your child does not have a negative balance on their account as the school year comes to an end. Any money left on your child’s account will roll over to next year if they are returning.  Students who are not returning will be mailed refund checks.

Weekly Office/Department Updates

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