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Reminders and Announcements
  • Please click here for the CHS Returning Parent Letter 2023-2024. 

  • CHS Weight Room Donations: The Athletic and Physical/ Health Education Departments are welcoming weight room equipment donations! For example: Dumbbells (5-50lbs), resistance bands, TRX bands, jump ropes, and Olympic bars (6'-7'). Please complete this form with more details. We really appreciate your generosity! 

  • Lands' End Savings: 

    • Memorial Day Savings on School Uniforms! 25% OFF from May 26-29, 2023.
      CODE: FLAG PIN: 2631

    • Save The Date: VIP Back-To-School Savings at Lands' End! 20% OFF + 1¢ LOGO Application
      Save 20% on orders placed between 6/23 - 7/28
      Save more with 1¢ LOGO Application* 6/23 - 6/30
      Mark your calendars! Discounts apply ONLY between these dates. 

      VALID: June 23 - July 28, 2023 CODE: MARKER PIN: 2718

  • CHS Final Exams: CHS will host final exams from May 31-June 8. Please see the document linked here for the full schedule and more information on exam policies and protocols.

  • Bookstore Information: 

    • Looking for Summer Reading books? Our Online Bookstore-MBS Direct is open for purchase of summer reading books– Some are also available now in our CHS Bookstore; however more will be available once school is over and books are turned in for consignment.  

    • BAG IT / WAG IT:  Starting May 31 after the 2nd exam, you can come to the library and BAG or WAG your books. If you want to sell your books to MBS Direct, you go to the online bookstore, click on SELL YOUR BOOKS and follow the directions to complete the sale. Print the form listing the books you are selling and bring them and the form to the library during BAG It / WAG It. If you are unable to sell your book(s) to MBS Direct and we are using the book(s) next year, you can WAG your book(s) to the CHS Bookstore. Bring it to the library during designated times, we will Wrap your book(s) and you will be on your way–Wrap And Go! For additional information, please click here. The MBS Direct Online Bookstore will open June 19 for books for the 2023-2024 school year. If you have questions, please contact LJ Schrader or Kristin Engdahl at 757-467-2881 or 757-467-2906.

    • If you would like to volunteer to help with the bookstore during finals or during the summer, please contact LJ Schrader at

Weekly Office/Department Updates