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Drivers Education

In-Car Driver Education

Catholic High School’s In-car driver’s education course is offered after school for those students wishing to receive their driver’s license in the state of Virginia.  This course may be taken when a student has completed the classroom portion of driver’s education, completed 45 hours of driving time with their parents (15 of those hours are to be completed at night), and have had their permit for 9 months.

In order to sign up for in-car driver’s education you must have filled out a permission slip and pay the fee to complete the course.  In-car driver’s education is offered every day after school from 3 pm to 5:15 pm.  For more information or to sign up, please email Mrs. Barbara Green.

Upon completion of in-car driver’s education drivers will receive a temporary license which is good for 180 days.  During this 180 day period, drivers will receive a post card in the mail issued from the city they live in with a date to report to court.  This court date usually arrives a few weeks before the temporary license expires.