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Catholic High School is now using MobileServe for parent service hour management.  Using MobileServe, CHS parents can both record and track their parent service hours through a mobile app or online at

In addition to being able to log and track your hours from your mobile device or a PC, we will be using their notification service which will alert you to service opportunities throughout the year.

MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the App store and Google Play and can be used on most smartphones and tablets.  (If you’d rather not use the mobile app, you can create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device at: Simply skip the download instructions below and start with Create Your Account or see this video guide )

Getting Started Guide

There is a registration code for parents based on their student’s class year (see Create Your Account, below).  If you have more than one student at CHS, select the class year of the younger one.

If you have any trouble setting up your account, please send an email to either or   If you have questions regarding logging hours, email Debbie Davis at

Setting up and Using the MobileServe App