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Parent Service Program

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In accordance with your admissions contract, each family is responsible for 35 service hours for two-parent families and 17.5 for single parents. The parent with whom the child resides is responsible for fulfilling the hours. (This does not include the service hours that each student is responsible to perform.)

CHS uses MobileServe to provide an online/mobile application for logging and monitoring hours as part of our Parent Service Program. MobileServe is the same app that CHS students use to submit and track their community service hours and activities. In addition to being able to log and track your hours from your mobile device or a PC, we use their notification service which will alert you to service opportunities throughout the year. MobileServe is available as a mobile app in the Appstore and Google Play and can be used on most smartphones and tablets.

By contractual agreement, if a family falls short of fulfilling its hours by May 31, there will be a balance due to the school in the amount of $5 per hour for each hour of deficit.  Payment must be received before report cards, transcripts, or diplomas are released. 

Many of you go far above and beyond 35 hours of service and we thank you for your dedication and generosity to our school. If you have questions regarding service hours, contact Debbie Davis at, or call 757-467-2679.

Parent Service Preferences

After reviewing the parent service opportunities listed below, please click check-boxes to indicate your areas of interest and submit form.