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Catholic High School

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Sage Dining

What's for Lunch?

In many high schools, students aren’t normally eager to discover what’s for lunch. 
However, at Catholic High School lunch is a daily culinary adventure. Our cafeteria is
run by SAGE Dining Services and staffed by expert chefs who excel at their jobs and do
them with welcoming smiles. SAGE’s chefs strive to serve fresh and nutritious foods
made from scratch.

All SAGE team members have extensive training in food service protocols and food
allergy awareness. Their open kitchen policy allows parents to schedule a time to visit
and ask questions about inventories and preparation methods. SAGE's comprehensive
online allergen filter is an important tool that allows students and parents to filter all
menus for allergens and choose safe meals.

The SAGE Dining meal plan offers breakfast, lunch, and after school snack daily. All
items are priced individually but may also be purchased as a “Meal Deal”, which is an
all-inclusive meal at a discounted price. These items are easily purchased each day
using your MyKidsSpending Account. In addition, balances may be replenished and
accounts monitored through your MyKidsSpending Account

Stay in touch by downloading the Touch of SAGE TM Mobile App which allows you to view
the menu, choose your favorites, filter allergens, and more

Additional information is available here:

Our Mission is to create exceptional dining experiences that delight the senses, inspire minds, and foster community.

Check out our current menu!

Remember to visit our SAGE account on Instagram @sage_chsvb to stay connected with our service, team, and menu items!

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