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Summer Assignments

Summer Reading for CHS Students

Summer Assignment - English:

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In an effort to promote reading, the CHS English Department requires incoming and returning students to read a variety of books during the summer months. Please note the list of required books (and related assignments) for regular/Honors/ and AP students listed in the right sidebar.

Summer Assignment - AP Courses

Many AP courses require assignments to be completed over the summer to ensure all students are prepared for the rigor of the course.  Most assignments are due on the first day of class, however, some are due during the summer - be sure to carefully read instructions and comply with due dates.

Assignments will be posted to list below as they become available. For questions regarding summer assignments, please contact Mr. Tal Covington and for questions regarding summer reading books contact Mrs. LJ Schrader

** Please download instructions and readings using links below. **

Summer Assignment Downloads