A College Preparatory Curriculum

Our curriculum is rigorous and complex, in preparation for college entrance. The academic year is divided into two semesters, totaling 180 days. Midterm exams are held in January. The schedule consists of seven academic periods each day. Each student is required to take six classes per semester, one of which must be theology.  You can view course catalog with full course descriptions by clicking on the drop down menu to the right and selecting a department.

Honors and Upper Level Core Courses

Theology: Theology III: The Church Our Story: Catholic Tradition, Mission, and Practice /Meeting Jesus in the Sacraments, Theology IV: Apologetics

English: *Honors English 10, English 11, *AP English Language and Composition, English 12, *AP English Literature and Composition

Social Studies: *AP World History, United States History, *AP United States History, American Government, *AP Government and Politics & Comparative Government and Politics (US)

Mathematics: Algebra II, *Honors Algebra II, *College Algebra, *Trigonometry, *Pre-Calculus, *Statistics I and II, *AP Calculus AB, *AP Calculus BC, *Multivariate Calculus and Linear Algebra

Science: Engineering Science, *Honors Biology, *AP Biology, *Marine Biology, Environmental Science, *AP Environmental Science, Chemistry, *Honors Chemistry,  *AP Chemistry, *AP Computer Science A, Cyber Science, Physics, *AP Physics 1, *AP Physics 2, Anatomy and Physiology, Forensic Science, *Organic and Biological Chemistry/Design Frontiers

Foreign Language: German *III, *IV, *AP German; Latin *III, *AP Latin; Spanish *III, *IV, *AP Spanish

Art: *AP Studio Art

Fostering Values · Nurturing Intellect · Shaping Character

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