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En Christe

Service Program Overview

En Christe is the CHS service-learning program, coordinated through and vitally linked to our Theology curriculum. Answering the call of Christ in Matthew 25, students engage directly with the disenfranchised, and through a reflection project connect their service experiences with the content of their Theology courses.  

Program Requirements:

All students must complete 20 total hours of service to their local community by April 28, 2023.  Students must have at least 10 En Christe service hours completed by the end of the first semester (January 12th, 2023). All service hours must be logged and approved through our partner App, Mobile Serve, with photos and 3-4 sentence descriptions for each act of service.  These hours must be email verified by an adult.  

When students return to school in August, their Theology teachers will provide additional information about benchmarks, due dates, and reflection projects.  

Program Guide:

The appropriate guide for En Christe specific hours are acts that fall under the Corporal Works of Mercy inspired by Jesus’s call in Matthew 25. We are called to serve those who are suffering mentally, physically, and spiritually. Below you will see specific ways that you are able to serve that fall under the Seven Corporal Works of Mercy.

The organizations listed below are examples of where students can perform their En Christe hours; it is not an exhaustive list. As a reminder, the goal is for students to interface directly with the people they are serving.  Finally, I’ve included a list of “frequently asked questions” about service hours that do not count as En Christe.

The Corporal Works of Mercy:

1. Feed the hungry
    - See #2.
2. Give drink to the thirsty
    - Food pantry, meal packing/delivery
    - Making sandwiches and delivering to local homeless 
    - Preparing and serving food in a local church’s soup kitchen
    - Assisting physically/mentally impaired with grocery shopping/meal prep 
3. Clothe the naked
    - Work at a salvation army (or similar location) 
4. Shelter the homeless

    - Build homes for the underprivileged with a commitment to pray for whoever will live there.
    - Assisting physically/mentally impaired with moving to a new home
5. Visit the imprisoned
6. Visit the sick

    - Hospice/nursing home visits, hospital visits, pen pal of patients in those places
    - Tutoring/working with students with disabilities
    - Working with physically and/or mentally disabled persons (Special Olympics, camps, teaching, etc)
    - Blood donation with a commitment to pray for those receiving blood.
    - Volunteer to hold NICU babies (18+)
7. Bury the dead
    - Altar server/lector/usher/musical performer at a funeral Mass (cannot just attend the Mass)

*Hours spent working directly with people suffering socioeconomically would also apply. Please email Ms. Fabian at for approval and/or clarification.