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En Christe

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Service Program Overview

En Christe is the CHS service-learning program, coordinated through and vitally linked to our Theology curriculum. Answering the call of Christ in Matthew 25, students engage directly with the disenfranchised, and through a reflection project connect their service experiences with the content of their Theology courses.  Project Requirements have been adjusted for the 2020-2021 Academic year, to reflect current government guidelines and access to direct service opportunities.

Project Requirements:

All students must complete 10 hours of service to their families and local community by April 30, 2021.   All service hours must be logged and approved through our partner App, Mobile Serve, with photos and 3-4 sentence descriptions for each act of service.    These hours must be email verified by an adult in the home.  

When students return to school in August, their Theology teachers will provide additional information about benchmarks, due dates, and reflection projects.  

Suggested Alternative Service Hours:

  • Yard Work for Neighbors

  • Making and sending cards of support for Medical Professionals (1 hour awarded per card).

  • Making and sending cards for quarantined residents of Assisted Living Facilities (1 hour awarded per card).

  • Helping family/friends with homeschool work digitally (through Google Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.)

  • Serving in your home:

    • Helping siblings with Homeschool Activities

    • Entertaining siblings with creative activities so parents can work from home

    • Cooking, serving, and cleaning up after meals (1 hour per meal).

  • Other activities approved by your Theology teacher and/or Mrs. Harmeyer, Campus Minister.

Failure to complete an En Christe project by June 1 will result in an “Incomplete” for the 4th quarter and the semester course. According to school policy, failure to resolve the “Incomplete” by June 30 will result in a grade of “F” for the 4th quarter. The student must then complete the 20 hours along with the required project, and the fourth quarter grade will remain “F.” Completion of the En Christe project by August 11 is required for a student’s return to Catholic High School.