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MobileServe is a program that allows students to easily record, track, and verify service goals and requirements.  It is available in both mobile app and browser-based versions.  Students can get the mobile app from App store or Google Play, or to use the browser-based version, go to to sign up or log in. To use a PC or laptop to create and manage your MobileServe account from any internet-connected device, go to

Students can access MobileServe wherever they have the internet. They can verify, record, and track their hours using the program through one of three ways - (1) email verification to their Service Supervisor, (2) geo-verified signatures, or (3) kiosk checkout. They can even designate the service goal they want their hours counted toward - for their En Christe, NHS, or other service totals.

Creating an Account and Logging Hours

Each student is required to create an account with Mobile Serve using their verified student email address. Students have guidelines to follow when logging their En Christe Hours. 

Click here for detailed instructions on how to create your account and properly log hours.

Class Codes

Class of 2024: ED81AA                                                                                                                                                       Class of 2025: 105C65                                                                                                                                                                Class of 2026: 17F8E0                                                                                                                                                               Class of 2027: 23C7AA 

After joining your organization(s), be sure to categorize your service log within the correct organization, or multiple organizations at once, by checking the box next to the org. name and selecting the correct service category.

Please note that for every entry on MobileServe, students must include a Supervisor Name and Email.

Questions? Email

Or chat with support in the app or at