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Catholic High School

Retreat Program

The CHS Retreat program is the "heart" of Campus Ministry's mission to evangelize our students. Retreats (except for the Senior Retreat) are led by Retreat Ministers, who are called from the larger Peer Ministry Team. Each year, students attend a retreat uniquely tailored to their grade level's spiritual and social needs.

  • Freshman Retreat/Genesis: This day-long Retreat serves as an introduction to the CHS's Christian mission, and focuses on the theme of being "Called to Community."
  • Sophomore Retreat: Based on the underlying themes of Saint John Paul II's Theology of the Body, this day-long retreat focuses on the theme of being "Called to Joy." 
  • Junior Retreat/Kairos: In our most intensive, three-day, two-night, single-gender retreat experience, Junior Men and Women focus on their being "Called to Love." 
  • Senior Retreat: In the final CHS Retreat Experience, Seniors spend two days and one night focusing on their "Call to be One/Go Forth."