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Catch up with Classmates

Mike Nugent - BSCHS Class of 2006

What did you do after you left Bishop Sullivan CHS and tell us about your career? 
After graduating from Bishop Sullivan in 2006, I studied finance at the University of Virginia. I was blessed to be a part of the strong Catholic community at UVA; the Dominican priests who run the local parish near campus are excellent preachers and confessors. I then spent a few years working for a Wall Street investment bank. I was experiencing the sort of success that I had always assumed would satisfy me, but I was not happy. God was inviting me to consider how I could serve others instead of selfishly chasing personal advancement and wealth. I was finally beginning to listen in prayer to God’s plan—that specific path of abiding joy and peace that our heavenly Father has prepared for each one of us. I started volunteering and my prayer life grew in discipline and depth. I was greatly encouraged by spiritual works, as well as the example and counsel of holy priests in Virginia and New York. 
After years of prayer and discernment, I entered the seminary in 2016 for the Diocese of Arlington. I am also blessed to be a co-sponsored seminarian with the Archdiocese for the Military Services, which means I’ll serve for a time as a chaplain in the Navy after I’m ordained. There is no greater adventure than following God’s will, experiencing the immensity of His love, and learning to serve His beloved people. In my first three years in seminary, I have made a 30-day silent retreat, lived and worked for a month in a homeless shelter in the Bronx, studied the philosophical tradition of the West, and served in four parishes, an inner-city high school, and a hospice. I am excited to move to Italy this summer to begin four years of theology studies at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas.    
What are you passionate about in your work?
Our culture too often offers us a deeply impoverished view of our true identities. We are—in this view—merely the total of our accomplishments, possessions, abilities, emotions, and failures. This is a lie. We are not simply the sum of what we have earned and how we have fallen short. We are defined by God’s enduring, unchangeable love and mercy for us as His beloved children.   

The great joy of my life is that I get to spend my time sharing this central truth of the Father’s love with everyone. Whatever we are going through, whatever we have suffered, and however we have succeeded or failed, God is with us, loving us individually and inviting us into a deeper relationship with Him. Spend some moments in silent prayer with Isaiah 43:1-4 and experience for yourself what God wants to say to you.    
What are your favorite memories from CHS/Bishop Sullivan CHS?
In particular, I loved playing soccer, competing in forensics competitions, and making great friends. Of course, who could forget the amazing US History class taught by the legendary Mrs. Wilgus?    
My favorite memories are the Latin and Greek classes I took with the late BSCHS principal Father William Pitt. I consider it an immense grace from God that I was able to spend so much time learning from the good and holy example of Father Pitt. He was a selfless leader, a passionate classics scholar, a very demanding teacher, and—most importantly—a committed disciple of Jesus Christ. Referencing Matthew 16:26, Father Pitt would often say to us, “Don’t lose your soul!”

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