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The Theatre Program at Bishop Sullivan CHS

At Catholic High School, we have a vibrant theatre program that encompasses training in the classroom as well as live performance and hands-on student-centric tech.  A student at our school can be involved all four years in the theatrical arts and will leave with knowledge of theater history, acting, design, and style.

The CHS Theatre Company

The Company produces both a fall and spring production that holds open auditions for CHS students.  Variations in style from comedies to tragedies and from adaptations to classics are on display each year to immerse the students in a variety of performances.  All technical aspects of the production, from lights and sound to stage management and make-up, are student-run with adult supervision and training.  Each year, the CHS Theatre Company takes their fall play on the road when they attend the ISTF festival, founded by CHS director Trey Clarkson.  The Company is committed to excellence in every aspect of their performance and their motto is “we don’t do high school theatre; we do theatre in high school.”  
Each October, a group of Catholic High School students participate in the Virginia Theatre Association’s High School Theater Festival, producing/performing a play of their choosing.  The format tests both acting and technical production skills of the students by limiting them to 45 minutes for the entire production from set up to final clearing of the stage. 

* Virginia Theatre Association is the central resource for connecting, creating, cultivating, and advocating for practitioners of theatre in the Commonwealth. VTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which welcomes the involvement of its members, supporters, and sponsors through their gifts of time, treasure and talent!

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