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Sage Dining

What's for Lunch?

In many high schools around the nation, students aren’t normally eager to discover what’s for lunch.  However, at Catholic High School lunch is a daily culinary adventure.  Catholic High’s cafeteria is run by SAGE Dining and staffed by expert chefs who excel at their jobs and do them with welcoming smiles.

SAGE’s staff of trained and talented chefs strives to serve foods made from scratch.  They take their time in preparing the food to ensure that what they serve is as fresh and nutritious as possible.

The Sage Dining meal plan offers breakfast, lunch, and a variety of after-school snacks. These items are easily purchased each day using a personal identification number (PIN) each time students visit the register - there is no need for cash.  Balances may be replenished either by check or by visiting the CHS website with a Visa or MasterCard. In addition to the benefit of nutritious food and varied selections, students spend less time in line and more time enjoying lunch!  

“Our Mission is to create exceptional dining experiences that delight the senses, inspire minds, and foster community.

Raelle Madrid- SAGE Food Service Director
The SAGE staff consists of Katie Andrews, Daryl Bell, Raelle Madrid, Michael Guys, Patricia Thompson, Tameeka Smith.
** Page text excerpted from Defensor article by Kelly McCorkindale and Marco Cabral. Photo by Kelly McCorkindale.

Sage Staff

List of 6 members.

  • Raelle Madrid 

    Food Service Director
  • Daryl Bell 

    Head Chef
  • Patricia Thompson 

  • Tameeka Smith 

  • Katie Andrews 

  • Michael Guys 


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