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Student Organizations

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Through a broad range of clubs and activities, Catholic High School provides rich opportunities for students to explore other cultures, learn new skills, develop leadership, form new friendships and simply have fun. All of the organizations listed below are open to all students; invitations to Honor Societies are based on academic performance and members of Student Government - Executive Council and Class Officers - are selected by vote of the student body. 

Dates, times, and locations of meetings will be announced in the morning announcements, which are read and posted in homerooms and on Renweb. Any student who wishes to participate should attend a meeting or contact the moderator of the activity.

Class Moderators

Senior Class

  • Mrs. Jen McMullen (Lead)
  • Ms. Maggie Hudson
  • Mrs. Maddie Junge
  • Mr. Adam Kelkis
  • Mr. Tom Hostutler
  • Mrs. Rosalynn Pattison
  • Mr. Scott Melson

Junior Class

  • Mrs. Kiesha Poole (Lead)
  • Mr. Connor Edgington
  • Mr. Jeff Jackson
  • Mr. Doug Ziegenfuss
  • Mrs. Lisa Moskowitz
  • Mrs. Katherine Smith
  • Mrs. Anita Ridge

Sophomore Class

  • Mrs. Liliana Quiroga (Lead)
  • Mrs. Suzanne Glenn
  • Mr. Robert Darrow
  • Mrs. Carol Stapanowich
  • Ms. Sarah Orleans
  • Mrs. Nicole Laroussi
  • Mr. Matt Pugsley

Freshman Class

  • Mrs. Annie Gallagher (Lead)
  • Ms. Laura Morse
  • Ms. Molly McOsker
  • Mrs. Kristin Patterson
  • Mr. Rick Pugsley
  • Mr. Greg Lusk