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Student Organizations

FIrst day of school - freshmen with Marty Campbell

Through a broad range of clubs and activities, Catholic High School provides rich opportunities for students to explore other cultures, learn new skills, develop leadership, form new friendships and simply have fun. All of the organizations listed below are open to all students; invitations to Honor Societies are based on academic performance and members of Student Government - Executive Council and Class Officers - are selected by vote of the student body. 

Dates, times, and locations of meetings will be announced in the Daily Bulletin which is read and posted in homerooms and on the website. Any student who wishes to participate should attend a meeting or contact the moderator of the activity.


ACS Chemistry Club

(Mrs Jennifer Adamski)  ChemClub invites, motivates, and encourages high school students to explore the many ways that chemistry connects to their world. Supported by the American Chemical Society, ChemClub provides fun, authentic, and hands-on opportunities for members to:

  • experience chemistry beyond what is taught in the classroom
  • learn about study and career opportunities in the many and varied fields of chemistry
  • provide service for the betterment of their communities
  • discover and pursue connections within the larger chemistry community, and
  • develop leadership and communication skills.

Art Club

(Mrs. Kiesha Morrison-Poole) The Art Club provides an opportunity for students who are interested in the visual arts to meet and work in various media of their choice.

CHS Theatre Company & Crusader Players

(Mr. Trey Clarkson, Ms. Jessica Truelove) The Catholic High School Drama program, through the CHS Theater Company and Crusader Players, is dedicated to getting students involved in the art of theater. The CHS Theatre Company will produce a variety of shows throughout the school year giving students the ability to learn acting techniques, set construction, and basic lighting design. The Crusader Players, a theater appreciation club, gives all students a chance to experience the theatre arts with after-school trips and production help.

Blue Crab Bowl Team

(Dr. Carol Stapanowich) The Blue Crab Bowl Team is named after the Virginia regional competition for the National Ocean Science Bowl. Representing Catholic High School, this team competes annually in the Blue Crab Bowl academic competition at either Old Dominion University or the Virginia Institute of Marine Sciences in alternating years.

Catholic High School teams have proven to be very competitive in the Blue Crab Bowl, winning nine times and finishing second in an additional four Blue Crab Bowls. As Blue Crab Bowl champions, our team won trips to the national finals in Miami, Florida in 2001; Anchorage/Seward, Alaska in 2008; Washington, DC in 2009; St. Petersburg, Florida in 2010; Galveston, Texas in 2011; Baltimore, Maryland in 2012; Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 2013; Seattle, Washington in 2014 and Ocean Springs, Mississippi in 2015.

Additionally, the team competes annually in the National Science Bowl, Virginia regional competition at Jefferson Labs. A competitive team has 4 members and an alternate who are selected from students with an interest in science who are willing to have lots of fun and work hard to train for the competitions. CHS usually fields an “A” and a “B” team.

Only in our seventh year of competition in the National Science Bowl, Virginia regional, CHS finished third in the state in 2009, 2010, 2011 and fourth in 2013.
New members are always welcome.

Chess Club

(Mrs. Barbara Kelly) Chess club meets weekly.  Members play chess and work to improve their game strategies in preparation for the traditional spring tournament.  Novice, as well as experienced players, are welcome.

Crusader Cooking Club

(Mrs. Raelle Madrid) The Cooking Club meets after school on the first Monday of the month and is open to all.  The club’s goal is to educate students on basic cooking principles and to produce young people who go out into the world after graduation and survive on more than Ramen.  The club also helps identify students who are interested in careers as chefs. Signup sheets for each cooking class will be available the week prior to the class. Students must be on the signup sheet to be allowed into the class.

Cyber Crusaders

(Mrs. Cheryl Beauchamp) Cyber Crusaders participate in the AFA CyberPatriot program. CyberPatriot is the Air Force Association’s National Youth Cyber Education Program, created to motivate students towards careers in cybersecurity and other science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines. Teams meet bi-monthly  from September – February to prepare and participate in the National Youth Cyber Defense Competition.

The national youth cyber defense competition is an online, tournament structured event in which Cyber Crusaders are scored on how well they identify and secure known vulnerabilities on a virtual network. After a series of online qualification rounds, teams are divided into three tiers based upon their scores; platinum, gold, and silver. The top teams advance to the National Finals Competition, an in-person event held in Baltimore, Md., each spring. Winners are awarded scholarships, and all registered competitors are eligible to apply for internship opportunities.

The competition is not only fun and exciting; it also creates a career path for today’s students, fostering continued education from high school through college and into the beginning of their careers. Several current Cyber Crusaders have decided to continue studies in cyber security and computer science due to their experience with the Cyber Crusaders.

Environmental Crusader Club

(Dr. Celeste Greene) The Environmental Crusader Club (formerly the Ecology Club) meets once a month on Fridays after school to promote a clean and healthy environment at Bishop Sullivan High School and the greater Virginia Beach Community. The club participates in several activities throughout the school year to help achieve a sustainable community. The activities include recycling at Bishop, used clothing drives, beach clean-ups, tree planting and more. One of the goals of the club is to earn the Pearl School Award for environmental stewardship by Lynnhaven River Now. New members are always welcome!

Forensics Team

(Mrs. Kat Smith) Forensics is competitive public speaking. Categories of competition involve formal speech, performance and interpretive reading. It is a team academic sport that requires dedication, practice and a desire to have fun while improving self-confidence and communication skills. The season runs from November to March and the team competes in as many as 5 tournaments. All are welcome.

German Club

(Frau Nicole Laroussi) The German Club is for those students who are interested in the German language, culture and food outside the classroom environment. Students can visit German restaurants, taste and cook German foods, and view German films and theater performances. The German Club is not restricted to students who are taking German but is open to all who are interested.

Great Computer Challenge

(Mrs. Keisha Morrison-Poole, Mrs Kay Bisaillon) A competitive opportunity for students to demonstrate their skills in various computer applications and computer programming, the Great Computer Challenge is sponsored by WHRO and is held at ODU in March. Students compete in various areas, including Graphic Arts, Music, Desktop Presentations, Desktop Publishing and Web Design.

Haiti Club

(Ms. Sarah Orleans) The Haiti Club is a student organization whose mission is to raise awareness of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The students are engaged in fund-raising efforts to support the Maison Fortune Orphanage in Hinche, Haiti.

Latin Club


(Mr. Matthew Randall) “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” Explore the world of the most influential culture in history.  Immerse yourself through food, lectures, film, internet, and social functions such as the Saturnalia Celebration, a film festival, a trip to the Chrysler Museum and Hampton Roads Latin Day.  The goal of the Latin Club will be to promote the study and enjoyment of Latin and the Roman culture.

Literary Magazine

(TBA) Paladin, the school literary magazine, is published every spring as a product of student work. The staff is composed of students of every grade level who are interested in reading and writing prose and poetry as well as those who have an interest in art. Students interested in creative writing are encouraged to attend, as the staff will be conducting writing workshops for beginner and advanced writers as well as providing an audience for new work. The staff meets periodically in the fall and on a weekly basis beginning second semester. The Paladin staff collects writing and art from students and works to produce a magazine that represents the current student body. Participation is open to all students.

Math Club

(Mr. Charles Woods) The CHS chapter of Mu Alpha Theta was chartered at Norfolk Catholic High School in 1961.  The club meets occasionally to investigate the recreational aspects of mathematics and to prepare for math competitions.

Medical Club

(Mrs. Jennifer Adamski)  The Catholic High Medical Club is a social and educational organization offering opportunities for students to explore careers in the medical field. Students will meet monthly or more frequently to hear from professionals in a variety of specialties including Veterinary Medicine, Cardiology, Neonatology, Nutrition, Emergency Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Biomedical Research, and Military Medicine.  Club members will participate in service opportunities promoting health awareness through health screenings and good habits. Members will have a chance to build their social network to enhance their future in these fields. 

Model Rocketry Club

(Mr. William Silkman) Info to come...

Model U.N.

(Mrs. Linda McCubbins)

Daily Announcement Video Club

(Ms. Suzanne Jimenez-Glenn)

Operation Smile

(Mrs. Linda McCubbins) The Catholic High School Chapter of Operation Smile was established during the 2000-2001 school year to raise money for the children's worldwide organization that helps treat facial deformities such as cleft lips and cleft palates.  The goal of the club is to raise $1,000 per year. The entire school looks forward to the annual LUMPIA SALE.  

Students can volunteer at Operation Smile Headquarters, attend the Annual Leadership Conference and apply to attend a Mission Training Workshop to prepare students to accompany physicians on an actual surgical mission.

Relay for Life

(Mrs. Linda McCubbins) The Catholic High Relay for Life Club works all through the school year to raise money for cancer research. In the spring, club members attend the official Relay For Life overnight event. The event is designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of the American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

Robotics Club

(Mr. William Silkman) Info to come...

Science Fiction Club

(Mrs. Jennifer McMullen) The Science Fiction Club meets every Monday. We interact while enjoying different science fiction visual media from world TV series, anime, and cinema.  Students share trivia, pop culture science fiction trends and discussion.

Spanish Club

(Sra. Liliana Quiroga) The Spanish Club meets twice a month and explores different aspects of the Hispanic Culture.  Students will learn to dance Salsa, cook a Hispanic dish, watch a movie, and make crafts.

Yearbook (The Crusader)

(Mrs. Kiesha Morrison-Poole) The CHS yearbook, the Crusader, involves students from all grade levels in its production. The book covers one entire school year and is published in late summer to include the final activities of graduation, baccalaureate, and prom.

Jobs open to students include photography, copywriting, editing, and data entry as well as individual specialties such as classes, sports, features, indexing and activities/clubs. Newcomers are always welcome.

Honor Societies

National Honor Society (Mr.Tal Covington)
The National Honor Society is an organization that recognizes students for scholarship, character, service, and leadership. Students in the 10th, 11th, or 12th grades, who meet eligibility requirements as described in the school handbook, are invited to submit credentials. Faculty selection of new members occurs each spring. NHS members tutor fellow students one afternoon per week. The Catholic High Chapter of the National Honor Society is known as the Meehan Chapter. 

Foreign Language Honor Societies
Each foreign language at Catholic High School has an honor society. Each of these honor societies promotes the study of its language and culture. Service activities are also undertaken. In order to be considered for membership in any of the foreign language honor societies, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and maintain at least an A- average in the language for a minimum of three consecutive semesters.
The honor societies are:

German National Honor Society - Delta Epsilon Phi, Virginia Gamma Rho Chapter (Frau Laroussi)
Latin National Honor Society - Association Ad Promovendum Studium Latinum (Mr. Tal Covington)
Spanish National Honor Society - Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Cápitulo Popocatepetl Chapter (Sra. Jimenez)

Science National Honor Society (Mrs. Jennifer McMullen)
Membership in the Catholic High chapter of the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) is conferred during the last two years of secondary school education.  The SNHS recognizes high achieving students who particularly enjoy math and science and pursue advanced or honors classes in their junior and senior year.   A student must have and maintain a 3.0 (4.0 scale) overall grade point average (GPA) and a 3.5 GPA across all science classes to be a member. In addition, students must enroll in and complete at least one honors or AP level science class during their junior and senior years.  

National Mathematics Honor Society (Mr. Charles Woods)
Membership in the Catholic High Chapter of the Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honor Society is open to students in grades 11 and 12, who have completed the equivalent of two years of college preparatory mathematics, including algebra and/or geometry, and in addition have completed or are enrolled in a third year of college preparatory mathematics providing their mathematical work was done with distinction. A student must have and maintain a 3.0 (4.0 scale) overall grade point average (GPA) and a 3.5/4.0 (no rounding) GPA or higher in all semesters of mathematics in which they receive high school credit. To apply for membership, potential members must have 5 math-related service hours to be eligible for the Catholic High MAӨ Chapter. Induction to the chapter will be conducted during the second quarter of the school year.

Students in grades 10 through 12, who have completed one year of algebra, or its equivalent, with distinction and are currently enrolled in a higher math course are eligible to be associates of Mu Alpha Theta. Associates are not members of Mu Alpha Theta but are likely candidates for membership. Associates do not pay the initiation fee but are eligible to be listed with the National Office, should they wish to participate in Mu Alpha Theta national math contests. While they are not entitled to vote nor hold office in their chapter, they are entitled to attend and be heard at meetings. A student may remain an associate for only one year and then, if eligible, must be inducted as a member of Mu Alpha Theta.

National English Honor Society ()
Membership in NEHS is an honor bestowed on individuals selected for their accomplishments in the field of English and in overall academic achievement. Qualifications for entrance into NEHS include a 3.5 (4.0) grade point average in English classes and a 3.0 GPA overall. Students must complete two semesters of English prior to induction as members, complete an application form, engage in service projects (Young Readers Competition) in the spring, and attend chapter meetings.

Tri-M Music Honor Society (Mrs. Teresa Browndorf)
The Tri-M Music Honor Society (Chapter 8026) recognizes students that have gone above and beyond both academically and musically. It is a service organization that focuses on creating future leaders in music education and music advocacy. Candidates for membership must have taken two semesters of music with a grade of 3.7 or better, have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better, desire to improve their musicianship, exhibit leadership qualities, and have performed at least 10 hours of community service. 

Rho Kappa Social Studies Honor Society (Mr. Tom Hostutler)
Membership in the Catholic High chapter of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society recognizes students for their accomplishments in the field of Social Studies and in overall academic achievement. Students must have completed two years of Social Studies and have a Social Studies and overall GPA of 3.5.

National Art Honor Society (Mrs. Kiesha Morrison-Poole)

Student Government

Executive Council

Faculty Moderator - (Mrs. Sweeney)
The Executive Council is composed of four school-wide elected officers: President, Vice-President, Events Coordinator, and Volunteer Coordinator. The Executive Council plans and coordinates many activities such as spirit week and pep rallies, a Thanksgiving food drive, a Christmas Raffle, the selling of the CRU shirts, and other events throughout the year.


  • Pres-  Hunter Q (Sr.)
  • VP- Garret D (Sr.)
  • Events Coordinator- TBA
  • Secretary- Gabby G (Sr.)
  • Volunteer Coordinator- Gabi A (Jr.)
  • Treasurer- Danessa P  (Jr.)

Class Council

Senior Class:

  • President- Will M
  • VP- Faith J
  • Events Coordinator- Sarah F

Junior Class:

  • President- James J
  • VP- Bianca G
  • Events Coordinator- Roxann A

Sophomore Class:

  • President- Lawrence M 
  • VP-Dean P
  • Events Coordinator- Annie O

Freshman Class:

  • President- TBA
  • VP- TBA
  • Events Coordinator- TBA

Class Moderators

Senior Class

  • Mrs. Jennifer McMullen (Lead)
  • Mr. Joseph Bousquet
  • Mrs. Margaret Hudson
  • Mr. Adam Kelkis
  • Frau Nicole Laroussi
  • Mr. Michael McCann
  • Mrs. Linda McCubbins
  • Mr. Scott Melson

Junior Class

  • Mrs. Jennifer Adamski (Lead)
  • Mr. Steve Delaney
  • Mr. Thomas Hostutler
  • Mrs. Kiesha Morrison-Poole
  • Mrs. Nancy Nelson
  • Mr. William Silkman
  • Ms. Madison Terry

Sophomore Class

  • Mrs. Emily Mislan (Lead)
  • Ms. Sarah Orleans
  • Mrs. Liliana Quiroga
  • Mr. Matthew Randall
  • Mrs. Katherine Smith
  • Mrs. Carol Stapanowich
  • Mr. Charles Woods

Freshman Class

  • Mrs. Suzanne Jimenez-Glenn (Lead)
  • Mr. Patrick Cavallario
  • Mr. Trey Clarkson
  • Mrs. Annie Gallagher
  • Mrs. Barbara Green
  • Ms. Kristin Patterson
  • Mrs. Christine Sweeney
  • Mr. Donovan Waefler