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Annual Giving Crusade

Now more than ever, we’re so grateful for all of you who have supported, celebrated, and championed Catholic High School through the years. While the impact of COVID-19 continues to send ripples through every aspect of our lives, we find comfort and encouragement knowing that you care about our school community. This experience has altered our actions, behaviors, and perspectives in ways none of us could have predicted a year ago. Our strong Catholic faith is the constant that guides and comforts us through this period of uncertainty, fear, and change. We have adapted, modified, and transformed so that we may continue to serve our families, carry out our mission, and provide an excellent Catholic education for the young men and women of Hampton Roads. Together, we have moved forward with solution-based approaches to the challenges presented.  

Thanks to the generosity of our Crusader family, CHS students may still experience the benefits of an in-person Catholic education. If you have the capacity to support the school during this time, please know that your gift will make a profound impact. If financial support is not possible at this time, we ask for your continued prayers for Catholic High School. 

Our CHS community wishes you and your family good health and peace.  

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